A view of Clowne & Barlborough Cemetery


The Cemetery on Barlborough Road is open for visits and burials but strict social distancing measures are in place.

April to September 6am to 5.30pm
October to March 7am until 4.30pm
Strictly no dogs allowed (except guide dogs)

Notice of Interment Form

Please download the Notice of Interment Form for submission to Clowne Parish Council; this form is normally completed by the Funeral Director and any form received is subject to confirmation by the Parish Council.

Contact details for Clowne Parish Council can be found on the contact page.

Clowne & Barlborough Cemetery Notice Of Interment

Burial Fees and Charges 

  1. New Walled Grave (can accommodate 2 family members) -£800
  2. Re-opening of existing Walled Grave – £550
  3. New Cremated Remains Graves (can accommodate 2 family members) – £250
  4. Re-opening of existing Cremated Remains Grave – £250

Please note that if the deceased lives outside of either the parish of Barlborough or Clowne then they will be charged at double the fees shown.

  1. Application fee for siting and approving a new headstone – £125
  2. Application fee for additional inscription on an existing headstone – £75

All payments are made to Clowne Parish Council.

All paperwork including the associated payment and certificate of burial / cremation must be delivered to Clowne Parish Council prior to the burial.

Please note that the preferred date and timings of the burial is subject to the availability of our grave digging team and whether other burials are taking place that day, so the date and time will need to be confirmed by the Council.

If customers also require use of our Community Centre after the burial then please contact Joanne Plummer, Community Manager on 01246 811586 option 2 or email joanne@clownepc.co.uk and discuss your requirements.

Cemetery location

Clowne and Barlborough Cemetery, Barlborough Road, Clowne, Derbyshire S43 4RG

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